The most affordable and motivating music program in Charlotte! Virtual and in-studio classes.

Virtual or In-Studio: Piano Exploring
Recommended for ages 5-6.
Beginner piano program designed to provide piano instruction for the youngest students who love this class ! Each song with rhyming lyrics is a part of a story which the student will follow throughout the course. It uses simple body movements to teach rhythm and keep the beat, introduces the elements of music (sound, dynamic, tempo) and explains the basics of music notation. Kids friendly music worksheets, coloring pages and play-along music tracks compliment the songs and enrich the learning process.

Virtual or In-Studio: Violin/Viola Orchestra Tutoring and Audition Preparation
These classes are available for elementary, middle, high school and college level on an as-needed basis. Students who need help with any orchestra music can schedule long term, temporary or one-time tutoring to learn or review the part under professional guidance. We provide help with a wide range of orchestral excerpt problems like intonation, articulation, rhythm, bowing, fingering, tempo, phrazing, interpretation, expression etc. Audition preparation classes will address any technical issues in audition pieces, introduce special practicing strategies, psychological approach and other professional advice related to the music.

Virtual or In-Studio: Music Theory Classes and Tutoring
Teaching the main topics of music theory: notation, clefs, scales, intervals, chords, ear training and more.


Virtual or In-Studio: Beginner Piano Individual Lessons
Recommended for ages 7 and up.
Students will learn the keyboard orientation, basics of music theory with musical alphabet, key-name recognition and the staff notation. Enjoyable pieces will introduce different rhythmic patterns, help develop hand coordination and build technical skills. The special song selection and motivating teaching style will keep students involved while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere.

Virtual or In-Studio: Violin/Viola Individual Lessons
Recommended for ages 7 and up.
Beginners will learn the basics of playing the instrument and note reading, as well as fundamentals of music theory and history. They will work on developing a steady tone, correct bowing and fingering techniques. Instrument rental available. The Intermediate level will concentrate on exploring new repertoire, perfecting the student's technique and improving expressive elements, such as dynamics and phrasing. The Advanced program will emphasize the learning of major pieces required for auditions to youth orchestras, mastering ensemble skills, helping young musicians to reach their full potential by practicing effectively, and improving their overall performance.

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